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What to Expect at Aerial Arts in Rochester, NY

What to Expect at Aerial Arts in Rochester, NY

by Kathleen McCormack


When I told friends that I was taking a class at Aerial Arts of Rochester, most either responded with, “Is that pole dancing? Will there be stripping?” or “Is that circus training? Are you going to clown college?”

My response: Well, I don’t really know actually.

You see, Aerial Arts is a professional cirque school, the only one in upstate New York. The next closest cirque schools are as far as NYC. Pittsburgh, and Boston, so it’s a completely unique experience for a city like Rochester. No wonder we had no idea what to expect when I brought two of my girlfriends in celebration of our 30th birthdays.  

To get just a taste of what they offer at Aerial Arts, we started with their sampler class held on Saturdays from 10:30 to noon. The sampler includes training on silk hammocks used for Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silks, and Hoops.


Know Before You Go:

1. Wear yoga pants/workout clothes – this is a fitness experience. No, you won’t be soaked in sweat but you will need stretchy clothes to get into these positions. You’ll absolutely use muscles you’re not used to engaging. 


2. Bring a camera. Have you ever wanted to take pictures while working out at the gym? Absolutely not. But it speaks volumes that everyone had a camera in their hands at this class. You’re working out but having so much fun, you’ll want to document it. This experience is like nothing you’ve tried before; it makes for a great Facebook profile pic!


3. You will surprise yourself. Every time the instructors (whose well toned physiques are a testament to the excellent workout Aerial Arts can offer) demonstrated a new move, all the participants looked at each other like, Uh, I can’t do that. Having pushed out two kids, I was certain I no longer had the ab strength or the hip flexibility for some of these moves. And then every one of us, and I mean every one of us, would step up to the silks or the hoop, and Ta Da! There we were swinging like an acrobat!


4. Beyond acrobatic fitness classes for adults, they also offer summer camps and birthday parties for kids, and even Aerial Arts therapy for children and pre-teens with special needs. The entire time I was there I just kept thinking of my 4-year-old who would squeal with delight to get her hands on the trapeze and the trampolines. Here’s a link to their summer camp offerings.


5. Talk about the ultimate birthday party experience. This is no Chuck E. Cheese or bowling alley party (although both are fine). Yours will be the party the kids and parents look forward to most. Choose from themes like Super Hero Training and Under the Big Top. Feeling jealous that the kids get to have all the fun? Adult party packages are also available – great for a unique Bachelorette party (think pole dancing)!


6. You’ll only get a taste of their many offerings with the sampler class.  Aerial Arts also offers Acro Bungee, Cirque Fitness, Pole Dance Fitness, and more! You can even hire their cirque performance troop to entertain at your next event.


7. Parking is a bit tricky. You’ll park across the street in the lot off Blossom with the smiley face benches and elephants. The entrance to Aerial Arts is between the Recycle Shop and Artisan Works. 


Bottom line: 

Girls night, fitness training, date night option, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties– there are a number of ways to get in on the action at Aerial Arts, truly an original Rochester experience.

Visit their site for more information: aerialartsrochester.com


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Kathleen McCormack is managing editor of KidsOutAndAbout.com and lives in the Rochester, NY area. Her previous acrobatics training includes juggling two young children and a husband, as well as balancing work and family on the tightrope of life!