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Places to Pick Apples Near Buffalo, NY

Pick apples with your kids in New York

The days of sunshine, camp, and picnics are coming to a close. Although we're all dreading the return to fewer daylight hours and cold weather, there is one thing to look forward to: fall fruit picking! Living in Western New York, we are especially fortunate to have a huge variety of delicious, juicy apples. If you're not yet ready to give up on those last few days, have a craving for the quintessential fall apple pie or are simply looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday, head on out!

And remember:

Be prepared to walk! Check to see if there is a wagon service, or plan ahead with comfortable shoes and maybe a stroller or wagon for tired kids.

Check the website of the farm to help your visit run smoothly. Some are cash-only, while others will close unexpectedly for weather or other reasons.

Talk to your kids about what you're doing. Do they know how apple trees grow? What about how apple cider is made? Do they know Johnny Appleseed? Make your outing a fun adventure- and hey, it never hurts to throw in a little history or science!

One great way to get your kids to eat more fruit -- and introduce them to the subtleties of sweet/tangy tastes -- is by taking them apple picking to a local orchard. Below are places to go and things to do for a day in the orchard all around Buffalo.

Types of Apples

Curious about the wide varieties of apples and what they're used for and taste like? Check out this neat page from New York's Apple Country that provides photos and information. And, just to make you feel even better about taking your family out for a day picking apples, here is an article from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield on the health benefits of a trip to the apple orchard.

Where can your family pick apples in western New York?

For more information on local places your family can pick apples, below are locations of area farm markets. If you know of a U-pick apple location that I have not included, please email me! When I was putting together this page, I talked with many apple growers who would love to offer pick-your-own apples, but can't. Know why? It's our litigious society; the high insurance cost makes it not worthwhile for them. Isn't that a shame? One last thing: If a grower does not have a web site listing hours, PLEASE call first to make sure they are open! (This is experience talking!)

Also, check out the informative and fun website of New York Apple Country. They provide an index of apple varieties, you-pick locations, recipes, and fun facts!

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